After much consideration, experimentation, and extensive testing, we have our first product: a totally comfortable pair of lightweight, anti-wrinkle, water-repellent shorts and that have a good amount of stretch to them. 

Wear them on a run on the beach, while you are practicing yoga, or go free falling off a cliff with them on if you are inspired. Even after all of that, these shorts will be dry and ready for you to wear out at night. Another great advantage to these shorts is how light they are and that they won't take up much room in your travel bag.

Right away you will feel how comfortable the shorts the first time you wear them. You will also notice the effort that has gone into creating them, down to the teakwood tips on the drawstring. We believe that these shorts will instantly become one of your favorite articles of clothing.







handcrafted, made from

Thai golden teak


100% durable Nylon


(reinforced stitching) woven into every stress position


4 deep pockets (two in front and back) to keep all your necessary stuff


We use a heat transfer process to embed the tag so it will not chafe or irritate your skin, ensuring maximum comfort


100% Nylon Water repellent and smooth

SECURE pocket



We have designed a secure pocket, which is separately sewn in with velcro tap, inside the main pocket on the left, so you can stash your smartphone or passport if you are running or in a crowd and want to make sure things are safe and secure. Your phone will be placed in a comfortable position during active activities. For the diving activities, we seal with velcro tape, so you can put keys inside without losing them.


(Original - K O H - Shorts)

There's more you should know about our fabric: it's breathable, comfortable and durable. It's really the most versatile fabric around. The self-cleaning microporous treatment on the fabric ensures you that coffee, wine and dirt will magically roll off with ease, saving your shorts from stains that would ordinarily ruin clothes. The microporous fabric looks totally normal, yet you will love the way it repels small amounts of water, which just glides right off. If you go swimming in them or soak the shorts in water, it only takes minutes for them to dry if you leave them out in the sun or hang them to dry where is a breeze. Meanwhile, the double faced woven nylon structure gives these shorts toughness and durability on the exterior, yet feels nice and soft inside. You'll also be feeling unencumbered because the four way stretch allows for free movement without resistance from the material.

Another important thing, we care about the planet and the fabric for these shorts is made by a company that uses the bluesign® system, which ensures that these shorts are safely produced in an environmentally friendly way. This fabric company has produced fabrics for some of the world's leading high quality travel clothing companies and sports brands and the fabric for these shorts is made using latest technology in existence. But really, you need to try on a pair to fully understand how superior they are and how good they feel when you wear them.


After we have developed - K O H - shorts, we have found the way to make the fabric dry even quickier but we have to sacrify some of its great functions such water and stain repellent. We decided to create this - K O H - Ocean collection to focus on the travellers who spend most of their journeys in the water. The exterior of the fabric is same as Orignal - K O H - shorts' fabric, yet its inner layer has a special three-dimensional weave, making use of the principles of siphonage and capillarity to guide wetness and sweat to the exterior of the material where it evaporates. This ensures the wearer remains dry and avoids being covered in sweat and the uncomfortable sensation of clothing sticking to one's skin after wet or physical exercise. It performs with excellent wicking ability that helps fabric absorb sweat, diffuse and quick dry.